Participated in the performance Spaceparticles #10
a project combining dance and music. Terry Riley's In C with a choreography by Liisa Pentti.

Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa, FI

Polish Fandango
Sound performance for Marek Pluciennik's "Ephemeral Philm" live cinema performance. I used 2 contact microphones connected to Marek's filmprojectors and several sounddevices to react direct to the images.

Filmverkstaden, Vaasa, FI
Mäntän Kuvataideviikot
Performed "Northern Lights" a live cinema performance with multiple 16mm projectors and sound. Invited for the Catalysti pop-up event.

Kino Säde, Mänttä, FI
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Showed a live cinema performance "Northern Lights" with multiple 16mm projectors and sound.

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Presentation of our association "Filmverkstaden" during this festival. I showed footage from the performance "Finland in 4 movements"

L'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival
Barcelona, SP
October Filmfest
During October Filmfest I showed some Super8 filmloops

Ritz, Vaasa, FI
Objekti ON: Espoo Päivä
Showed a filminstallation and did a live cinema performance with Marek Pluciennik
An event organized by Espoo Kunsthalle and Catalysti, an organisation for foreign artists based in Finland.

Galleria Espoonsilta, Espoo, FI
Supermarket Art Fair
2 live cinema performances at the Red Spot during the art fair. Also showed a small filminstallation in Filmverkstaden's booth.

Svarta Huset, Stockholm, SWE
Bothnia Biennale 2014
Showed the exhibition "Tracing Places" consisting of images and a sound and film installation.

Art Hall, Vaasa, FI
AAVE Festival
Live cinema performance for multiple 16mm projectors and sound. This was the first performance of "Northern Lights"

Malmitalo, Helsinki, FI
My film "Finland in 4 Movements" was shown during the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage and participated in the competition.

Dresdner Schmalfilmtage, Dresden, GER
Bothnia Biennale
Exhibition where I showed a light and sound installation concerning the great cormorant.

Seinäjoki Taidehalli, FI
Supermarket Art Fair
I represented Filmverkstaden and participated in the network meetings.

Svarta Huset, Stockholm, SWE

The Visitors ed.3
Performed "Work in Progress (Razzle Dazzle)" a live cinema performance with 16mm projectors and sound during a festival organized by Catalysti.

Kattilahalli, Helsinki, FI

Finland 100 years
A light installation with video and analog film showed at different windows at the museum

Stundars open air museum, Solf, FI
The Vietnam War
A soundscape of me was used by filmmaker Ken Burns for his documentary about the vietnam war.

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), USA
Ääniaalto 2017
Performed "Work in Progress (Razzle Dazzle)". Live cinema performance.

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, FI
Ether: Water
Sound performance with Dråsa organized by Platform, association for contemporary art.

Vaasa Swimming Hall, Vaasa, FI
Lunching with...
Live cinema performance "Northern Lights" at Mire a place for experimental cinema & moving image.

Mire, Nantes, FR
Scratch Expanded
Showed live cinema performance "Northern Lights" during a night organized by Light Cone, experimental film distributor/exhibitor/conservator

Les Voûtes, Paris, FR
Ateljé Stundars 20 years
A sound performance and talk to celibrate 20 years of the residency at Stundars.

Stundars open air museum, Solf, FI
1. Listen
An installation with sound and image together with
Juliana Irene Smith.

Energiverket, Jakobstad, FI
Causatum 3 Live Cinema
A live video performance + sound in collaboration with Juan Duarte and Marek Pluciennik

Platform, Vaasa, FI
The Dot Spot
A group exhibition where I showed a small installation
using 3 super 8 filmprojectors.

Platform, Vaasa, FI
Periphery Zine
Contribution to a zine that was presented during the
Supermarket Art Fair.

Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SWE
I did a month residency in Kinshasa to work on a
live video performance

Kinart, Kinshasa, DRC
Kinshasa Nightlife@Congo Biennale
Live video performance with small sculptures during the Young Congo Biennale in Kinshasa.

Kinart, Kinshasa, DRC
Tempo Dulu
installation with live audio, live video and objects, 2021

A hundred ordinary objects can define myself as a person - a piece of chocolate, a guitar, a pair of Nike Air Max shoes, a tiger’s eye, nail polish and peanut butter. A hundred different objects will define you as well.

“Tempo Dulu” is an installation with sound, moving image, light and objects in a live environment. The displayed objects generate images, reflections, shadows and silhouettes, starting a chain of associations as it builds a narrative. Before the spectator’s eyes a diorama unfolds into itself. Trapped in a feedback loop, one is thrown back in the context that only exists in one’s head. Everything that is hidden deep in a culture, shame, sorrow, pride, hope, manifests in various forms on the surface, in the superficial, the mundane, in utensils, in popular culture, in everyday life. At times seemingly trivial and ubiquitous it layers a multiplicity of meaning.

"When the ten thousand things have been seen in their unity, we return to the beginning and remain where we have always been"
(Maria Dermoût, The Ten Thousand Things, 1955.)
Third Space

In Thirds Space I built a small installation in which I performed "Bandoeng-Bandung"

Third Space, Helsinki, FI
Pixelache #Burn Festival
For Pixelache I will do a live sound performance burning candles in remembrance of dear ones. The sound will be generated by the light from the candles.

Pixelache, Helsinki, FI
Kuvan Kevät
For my MFA degree show I will show "Tempo Dulu"
An installation with video, sound and objects.

Lisätila, Helsinki, FI
Material Light
For Material Light I did a live video performance called "The Ten Thousand Things" using small objects, live cameras and lights.

MUU Gallery, Helsinki, FI
The Ten Thousand Things
live performance with audio, video and objects, 2021

"Material Light" was an exhibition organized by Finnish Light Art Society FLASH and Artists’ Association MUU at MUU's newly renovated gallery at the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

"In the darkest time of the year, the exhibition brings together practitioners from the broad field of light art, demonstrating the potential of light as a medium and theme of artistic thinking. It examines the materiality of light on several levels and in a broad spectrum of mediums ranging from physical light to conceptual approaches. The works in the exhibition engage in a dialogue with each other and, with light unifying them, the exhibition as a whole can be seen as a single thematic installation."

Participating artists were: Anna Björklund, Michal Czinege, Jenni Eskola, Alexander Salvesen, Heidi Stålnacke, Artist Collective Kunst, Sara Kovamäki, Tom Lönnqvist and Arvid van der Rijt.

I did a live video performance and full footage can be found here:

In the early summer of 2019 I was invited by Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo to do a 3 week residency at KinArt in Kinshasa. I arrived with many ideas and work strategies, but had no idea what to expect there. I quickly adjusted my plans when I arrived there and decided to give place to improvisation.
During the 3 weeks I used the first 2 weeks to accumulate material that I would use for a final live performance at KinArt.

I made drawings, small shiny objects of mirrors, glass and glitter. I collected small objects, leaves, flowers, beer caps etc.. that I found in the streets.
I filmed my travels with the taxi, although filming in Kinshasa was a big personal struggle, I felt too much like a tourist, shooting exotic material.
I recorded the sounds of the streets. Slowly I built an installation with things that could reflect light, cast shadows. The sculptural aspects of the installation were all related to things I had seen in Kinshasa or were small objects that were connected to specific persons I met during the residency.

The performance I did, was a live video performance. The installation was built during the final week. I used surveillance cameras to be able to film my objects and project them on the walls at the same time.
I made small light cells, that made sound when light was projected on them and I used video synthesizers that could translate sound to image.

The performance was done in total darkness. All light and sound was generated by me. I had images and light that generated sound. And I had sound that generated images.
Everything was feeding into each other, creating a dreamlike situation.
You could see real palpable objects, the immaterial projections of them and the shadows of them. You could hear the sound of Kinshasa generating abstract images.

It’s a way of working where I try to mimic how our head works sometimes when it makes associations. Small objects or events, can create a narrative when they are put in a certain context. Very small events can trigger bigger narratives.
During my performance the image and sound shift from recognizable to abstract and back again, making space and allowing space for association.

For the Biennale I tried to partially re-create this performance, although the setting was different and it was hard to have a moment of complete darkness.
Kinshasa Night Life
live performance with audio, video and objects, 2019

Excerpts from an optical sound performance, which was shown april 2013 in Vaasa, Finland. Handmade 16mm filmloops inspired by barcodes of Finnish spirits and sausage are played simultaneously on 3 projectors. All sounds are generated by the handmade images: what you see, is what you get.

FInland in 4 movements consists of the following 4 parts:
Kabanossi, Koskenkorva, Kaaos and Kaamos.
Finland in 4 movements
live cinema performance with 3 projectors and handmade 16mm filmloops, 2013

At the Pixelache festival in Helsinki I performed the first incarnation of Bandoeng-Bandung:

"For #Burn__ I will perform Bandoeng-Bandung. At the premises of Oodi Library a small ritual will take place, streamed live to you who want to be part of this moment.

I will create a sound piece, solely by burning candles. I will utilize the light that radiates from the candles to generate sound. Using simple hand built instruments and some effects I will build up a dreamlike soundscape. The performance will be a moment for reflection and remembrance and the nature of the piece will be gentle.

Here burning will be a metaphor for transgression, a constructive step forward.
You will be able to watch me light the candles, handle the instruments and go through some gestures and material that define my loved ones that have passed away.

Personally I will light my candles for my mother and my grandparents, all born in the former Dutch colony Indonesia.
performance with live audio, live video and objects, 2021
Sound Around Festival
Together with Tuomo Väänänen I performed at MUU while streaming live to the festival in Kaliningrad.

MUU, Helsinki, FI + Kaliningrad, RU
MORE, please
An immersive exhibition together with Juliana Irene
Smith. Her textile works together with my sound, light and video interventions.

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, FI
Live Cinema Performance
Marek Pluciennik performs with his hand cranked 35mm projector. I do live sound with contact microphones and synthesizer.

Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, FI
Jag är Edith Södergran
Live sound improvisations for the performance of
Josef Ka to honor Swedish poet Edith Södergran

Arbis, Helsinki, FI
Causatum Live Cinema
Super 8 and video installation, plus a live video performance for this group show.

Galleria Yö, Helsinki, FI