Arvid van der Rijt
curriculum vitae

Arvid van der Rijt (b. Soltau, Germany, 1976) is an audiovisual artist whose work explores the potential of the senses.

Making use of multiple media and materials, he brings together the bricolage of everyday trash, colonial knickknacks and Western kitsch, building a symbiosis of the imaginable, the visible and the invisible.

His immersive performances deal with the concepts of belonging and identity and build new constellations and labyrinths to help us find new ways of being lost, if nothing else.

Arvid lives and works in Helsinki. His work has been shown in Finland and abroad including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA (2016), Scratch Expanded @Light Cone, Paris, FRA (2016), the Congo Biennale in Kinshasa, DRC (2019), the AAVE Festival, Helsinki (2014) and Pixelache Festival, Helsinki (2021).