Born 13.09.1976 in Soltau, Germany
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


2020-2021 MFA Time & Space, Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, FI
1998-2001 BFA Visual Art, sculpture AKI Enschede, NL
1995-1998 Teaching degree Fine Arts and Art History, AHK Amsterdam, NL

Artist Statement

I am an audiovisual artist in the most literal way possible.
My interest lies mainly in creating an experience, defining an event by giving it a certain place and time span. I make use of sound and image to build up a certain atmosphere, to reach a symbiosis of the visible and invisible. My performances try to immerse the viewer and stimulate an active way of experiencing, I create a situation where you canʼt escape, but donʼt want to either.

My work has manifested itself the last years mainly in the form of live cinema and video performances, where I explore the field of hearing and seeing.
In Finland my work has been shown at MUU Galleria, AAVE-festival, Mänttä Taideviikot, Seinäjoki Taidehalli, among other places. Abroad at the Congo Biennale in Kinshasa, DRC, in the U.S.A. at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, in Paris, France, at Scratch Expanded organized by Light Cone. In Barcelona, Spain at the L’Alternativa Film Festival and in Germany at the Dresdner Schmallfilmtage.